7 Tips For Hiring a Tradesman

Hiring a Tradesman

7 Tips For Hiring a Tradesman

We’ve all been there. Having jobs needing done around the house and having the stress of hiring a trusted tradesman. One who can carry out the tasks at hand and within the desired timescale. If this is something you dread then check out our tips for hiring a trustworthy tradesman below.

We understand how important it is to find a professional tradesman to carry out work within the desired time frame. As well as completing it to a high standard and for a reasonable price. Unfortunately, we aren’t always able to take on every job that comes our way. Often due to tight timescales and not having enough hours for our team to tackle every job. So we trust that this advice will help you if we aren’t able to take on your project. Supporting you in finding the right tradesman to help you get those DIY tasks off your to-do list.

Top Tips For Hiring a Tradesman

Here are our top tips for hiring a tradesman for your household project.

1. Do as much research as possible

As much as this is time-consuming, it will save you from having a bad experience. If you can spare some time do read through online reviews and review photos of previous jobs carried out. Beware of new companies where reviews are all from close family and friends. Obviously, when someone close to us starts a new business we all want to be supportive. But if they haven’t genuinely had work done then the reviews should be taken with a pinch of salt. These are the reviews that you will notice marked as 5 stars. Yet don’t tend to go into much detail or provide any photographic evidence. Don’t be afraid to contact some of their customers privately who have left reviews for more information. If they have truly had a good experience they will want to tell you about it.

2. Ask For Recommendations

Chances are your friends and family have had similar jobs done by local tradesmen. They will be happy to pass along details to you of companies that they will use time and time again. They will only have held onto their details if they genuinely wanted to use them again in the future. And word of mouth is often one of the greatest forms of marketing. We’re always grateful for the recommendations we get from past and existing customers.

3. Ask For Photos of Recent Work

If you can’t find any evidence of work they’ve carried out then ask to see photos of their work. Or better yet, ask if they can arrange a meeting for you with a previous or current customer to see the work involved in a project similar to yours. We would recommend this for larger jobs such as home extensions, garage conversions or full property renovations. If they are genuine and want your business then they will make time to organise this for you and will be proud to show off their work.

4. Ask About Payment Expectations

Always ask upfront about how and when the company will ask for payment. This can sometimes be a tricky subject to approach but it is one that needs to be discussed. Both parties need to be on the same page from the beginning without having any surprises once the work has commenced. Some tradesmen will ask for a deposit upfront based on the amount of work required. Allowing them to be able to purchase materials ahead of schedule. While others (usually with smaller jobs) will be happy to accept payment on completion. Make sure you are happy with the figure being discussed along with when it should be paid. If you are under the impression that you are being ripped off then get other quotes before making a decision (and don’t pay any money upfront in the meantime).

5. Ask For a Receipt For Payment

For your own peace of mind ask for a receipt each time you pay your tradesperson money. Ensuring that you know that your money hasn’t been transferred to the incorrect bank account and that the company doesn’t try to charge you twice when you have already paid.

6. Ask About the Timescale

Make sure the length of time that the job is going to take is an acceptable and reasonable time frame. There’s nothing worse than someone starting a job for you, promising you the world and then taking weeks. Or even months chipping away at it and dragging things out longer than necessary. Usually getting work done on your property comes with some form of inconvenience. Such as not being able to use the bathroom, kitchen, electricity, water etc for an extended period of time. Whilst the work is ongoing or whether you need to completely move out of your property altogether until the work is complete. Make sure your tradesman understands your needs and expectations.

7. Get Several Quotes

Again, although this can be a bit time-consuming and relentless going over the same thing with several different people. It doesn’t (usually) cost anything to get a few quotes done. It allows you to make a comparison on cost, service, availability etc. While deciding who you would most trust to use.

Tips For Hiring a Tradesman in Glasgow

We hope these top tips will help you hire your next tradesmen in Glasgow. You can find evidence of our own recent work here on our website. As well as on our Facebook page.

Should you wish to discuss a project then please feel free to contact our team who will be happy to arrange a free quote. If we’re unable to assist you then we hope that these tips will provide you with confidence in finding another tradesman to carry out your home upgrade or renovation job.